Grantchester Circular with Byron’s Pond

For this walk, I start out from my home near Cambridge train station. However, if you are coming from out of town, the nearest car parks are at the train station and the leisure centre of Hills Road. There is also limited on-road parking along the A1134 Trumpington Road and the Park & Rides are good, cheaper options.

grantchester-inlineHead towards the junction of Trumpington Road with Brooklands Avenue. At the junction, go down the path signposted towards Newnham.

The path follows Vicar’s Brook to Lammas Land. If you stay on the meadow side of the Driftway road to the Newnham meadows car park, you can avoid the cars trying to find free but highly limited spaces. Continue along the edge of the meadow until you meet the A603 and then turn left along Grantchester Street. Continue along Grantchester Street and turn right onto Grantchester Meadows.

Now just follow the river to Grantchester, either on the grass or on the concrete path. There may be cows grazing at various points during the summer months.

The Red Lion is clearly signposted from the path, but you may struggle to find the right exit to the Orchard Tea Rooms if you are following the river. However, Grantchester is small and the tea rooms are famous, so it won’t take long to find them. Stop off at the tea rooms for a light lunch, or make it a heavy one with lots of cake.

grantchester-inline1Turn left out of the tea rooms along Mill Way and bear left to continue along Grantchester Road. Continue until you cross the River Cam and see the entrance to Byron’s Pool local nature reserve on your right.

From then on, the walk is up to you. There is a large area of open grassy space and the river winds through woods.

You may come across other dog walkers – some professional dog walkers bring groups of dogs on the large open space. Fishermen can also be found enjoying the calm waters of Byron’s Pool Bypass Channel. There are several memorial benches to sit and relax next to the water.

Return along a similar path home. If the meadows aren’t too muddy, it is nice to take the route next to the river, rather than sticking to the path, which you have to share with cyclists.




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