How do I Find Someone to Look After my Dog?

There will be times when you can’t look after your puppy, given that you can’t leave them on their own for long periods. It’s best to research your options before you get your puppy, and if need be, reserve him a place. You may need to discuss your needs with several people before you find the exact service you need.

Broadly, the options I’ve come across are:

IMG_3968People who advertise on places like Gumtree

You really need to meet them and get references, go to their homes and see where your puppy will spend their time. You may be willing to give that person a key to your home.

People who attach themselves to an online pet care organisation

For example, Trusted House Sitters, Animal Aunts, Borrow My Doggy. You may want the reassurance that checks have been done on their background and suitability to care for animals.

Businesses who provide doggy day care

Some will have a special area for puppies, so that he is not overly stimulated or scared by the other, older dogs. The benefit here is that, as he grows, he will have playmates to spend the day with. These businesses are usually in the countryside and they offer walking options depending on the health of your dog.

doggies-1365739Professional dog walkers

They can have a key to your home and come one or several times a day to exercise your dog. Obviously, this is an option for older dogs and not puppies.

Kennels may be an option if you are going away on holiday

Your dog will have a cage, but be exercised according to his needs. He may or may not have the chance to interact with other dogs.

A lodger, neighbour or other family member

Make sure they share your love of animals and want to share the responsibilities. When you have a cute adorable puppy, who will probably have many people offering to take care of him.

Please see the directory of service providers in the Cambridgeshire area.

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